Astute Public Servant.

It is another Monday to acknowledge our very own and our prominent personality’ as proud as he is, serves on the governing board of our Alma mater.

Mr. Victor Way Kuvodo spent a lengthy seven (7) years in the corners of “The Border College” between 1986 – 1993 for his GCE “O” & “A” levels and it tells the reason he is always proud of our mother school because most of his formation years were spent on the “Pasaku land”.

He holds BA honors and Mphil in Polical Science from the University of Ghana. Due to his wit, he spent some few years on the University of Ghana campus in a capacity of a Teaching assistant. He deserted the position for a stint with Ghana’s leading software developer theSOFTtribe Limited before entering public service.

Mr Kovodu has served in public service for over thirteen years. He joined the Public Services Commission of Ghana as an Assistant Director grade 1 and rose through the rank through his dedicated service, output and intelligence as well as withholding unto the true values of professionalism. He is currently the Deputy Director: Management Services Division of the Public Services Commission, Ghana, contributing his quota for the development of mother Ghana.

A big applause to you Mr. Victor Way Kuvodu for the tremendous works you having been doing for mother Ghana as well as making the name of our school proud. I believed that, your representation on our school’s governing board will go a long way to help champion the development we want. Congratulations again for a spot well deserved in our hall of fame.

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