The subjects taught in the school are as follows; 


English Language, Mathematics (Core), Integrated Science, Social Studies, I.C.T, Physical Education, Religious and Moral Education.


Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Business Management, Financial Accounting, Principle of Cost Accounting, French, Economics, Geography, Government, Christian Religious Studies, Ewe, Literature in English, General Knowledge in Art, Graphic Design, Textiles, Picture Making and Sculpture.


The school has both Boarding and Day facilities in the school. There are three two-storey buildings that accommodate four (four) houses. The houses are: Fiti House, Apietu House, Caffrey House and Joe Nellis House.



Presently, the school has 36 classrooms which are insufficient to accommodate all the streams necessary for convenient academic work. The Assembly Hall has, therefore, been partitioned into three (3), the extended verandah of the science Resource Centre also accommodates three (3) classes, while other classes are held in the Chapel, the Dinning Hall and in an uncompleted building. An 18-unit classroom block funded by GETFund is, however, under construction.


The school has three (3) laboratories with stores attached that cater for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The resource centre serves also the following schools in the community.
LIBRARY: the school has a small library which is unable to accommodate the large number of the students currently in the school. There are quite a number of books in the library, but they are not sufficient for the large school population. 
TEXTBOOKS: The school has textbooks covering the entire range of subjects taught in the school. Some of the students also buy their own textbooks to augment what is available in the school, with others supplied by the Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education. 

Number of streams – there are 27 streams in the school. The streams are made up of
Visual arts – 1 stream General arts – 3 streams Business – 3 streams Science – 2 streams 9 streams x 3 (Year groups) Total 27 streams