Americo living American dream.

Journeys are integral to our lives. They present testing challenges, moments of exquisite reward and insight, and times when you are racked by self-doubt and problems in this pilgrim life. Battling it out involves confronting fears, making yourself vulnerable, aiming for something worthy and clinging onto self-belief and passion even when it seems that everything is stacked against you. In the end, a journey invariably offers us a chance to learn and grow and reach out for our dreams.

Our prominent personality for today, has an aim to impact lives and has nursed this dream while at the “Border University”. As the saying goes; “What you do has a greater impact than what you say” has motivated our personality to teach people the ways of God as well as academic knowledge.

Mr. Felix Fenu aka Americo Americo is our prominent personality today.

Mr. Fenu completed Spaco in 1995, For his love to nurture and inspire lives, he enrolled for for a three years post Cert A license teacher’s certificate at St Francis training college in Hohoe. He graduated in the year 2000. Felix taught Science for two years at Juapong Methodist JSS. Americo left to further his studies in a dreamland, America in 2003. He graduated with honors in BBA finance at Kennesaw University in Georgia.

Americo currently works with Fulton County Government. He began working there in 2013. He is the Fiscal Support Specialist in charge of motor vehicle and property taxes.

Felix as a christian, with a desire to bring people closer to God, became a Minister of Praise Harvest Community church Roswell GA in Charge of Outreach / evangelism.

Americo with Head Pastor of Harvest Community Church

I chanced on this prominent member on many Spaco platforms. He engages often and his name is accompanied in many list soliciting support for our mother school. I can say for a fact that he adores his school and it is very conspicuous in his numerous social media posts.

Americo Americo, take a big salute for always wearing the badge of great Spaco. We are proud of you for the lives you changed and changing. May God continue to grease your wheels in doing his work. Thank you.

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