Old Students (SPOSA)


Bishop Chairman, His Excellency Vice President, Honourable Volta Regional Minister,  Honourable Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Honourable Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive, the Volta Regional Director of Ghana Education Service, the Ketu South Municipal Director of the Ghana Education Service, the Paramount Chief of Aflao Traditional Area, the Dufia of Hatsukope, the Guest Speaker, the Board of Governors, Fellow Heads of Sister Schools, P.T.A. Executives Torgbuiwo, Mamawo, Parents/Guardians, my dear Members of Staff, Past and Current Students of this noble institution, Distinguished Guests,  Ladies and Gentlemen, we are thankful to the almighty God for granting us life and good health to witness this great day.
His excellency, St Paul’s Secondary School was founded 1958 by the Catholic church and by then was commonly referred to as Border varsity due to its close proximity to the Aflao-Togo Border. Until the mid-1990s, St Paul’s stood tall among the great names in the Volta Region, claiming all Gold from Sports, academia and the serene environment of trees, peacocks and colorful birds, crocodiles, monkeys and an orchard. SPACO has over the years churned out resourceful men and women who have made significant contribution to the community and wherever in the globe that they have found themselves. History won’t be complete without the mention of our great Mentor Monsignor Apietu, though most of us did not meet him, we have heard of and continue to live by his principles
While the school can boast of a lot in terms of human capital, very little can be said about how much we have converted that resource into supporting the growth of the school. After 60 years, not much of our previous glory has been upheld. The deteriorating nature of the classroom blocks, teacher’s bungalows, our beautiful landscape, basic amenities like electricity and water are scarce and most critically the abysmal fall in academic performance
His excellency, I believe the development of every school falls on the shoulders of all stakeholders, 50% of which should be the role of the Alumni, if not more. St Paul’s Old Students Association (SPOSA) has been awakened, and are now taking the lead in harnessing resources to redeem the school
Through collaboration with the school authorities, SPOSA has resolved to direct its attention at three key areas

  1. Infrastructure reclamation
  2. Academic improvement
  3. Spiritual and Moral development

In the last four years SPOSA has been able to support the school by providing the following;
• 60 dining hall tables and 120 benches
• Over 200 text books covering all subjects for the school library
• A biogas project delivered to save the cost of fuel for the kitchen
• Public address systems
• Various sports equipment
• Revived the computer lab with 25 desktop computers
• Toilet facilities and many more
Towards this Anniversary celebration, the Alumni has invested nearly 200,000GHC in refurbishing the Avenue from the gate to chapel, plastered and painted the front wall and gate, painted some structures on campus, refurbished the Arts block, kitted the cadet corps with 70 pairs of brand new boots and ceremonial uniforms, installed two signages at the school entrance. There are also a number of projects to continue after the anniversary.
His excellency, our interest in fixing infrastructure resonates with the saying ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. Students and teachers will definitely perform better in a healthy environment.
His excellency, in our pursuit to achieve greater heights, SPOSA is ready to engage key stakeholders to deliver the SIDPIF ( Spaco Infrastructure Development and Performance Improvement Fund ) a project marked to run for the next 5 years starting 2019. We hope to complete renovation of 4 Halls, the Classroom block, the science laboratory, teacher’s bungalows, the kitchen and 2 stalled dormitory projects initiated by the Government.
His excellency, we have not forgotten other relevant aspects of the overall development process and have instituted A Mentorship Program to help students and teachers improve their performance through a 3 day per term workshop organized and driven by professionals in the various fields of academia and industry. We had a successful season one of this program and the team is ready to deliver season two come the next term.
We have taken serious interest in the The Brilliant Maths and Science Quiz, constituting a committee whose sole mandate is to ensure that SPACO participates annually and wins at this competition.
His excellency, SPOSA has had its own fair share of challenges in mobilizing resources to advance the course of the school but we have managed to overcome through gracious contributions and sponsorships from the 1976-2013 alumni. The level of commitment and feeling of belonging has taken a sudden upsurge and we trust this will spur us on to achieving all we desire for our dear SPACO. A call is therefore made to all old students who for one reason or the other have stayed on the fence to come on board and be part of this great journey.
I would also like to thank some key sponsors for their super commitment to achieving a successful anniversary celebration; special thanks to GPHA who contributed a substantial cash amount for our projects, Mr. Victor Way Kuvodu, The Central Planning Committee Chairman and Dr. Captain Paul Yegbe- Chairman of the Finance Committee. To all the heads and members of the Central Planning Committee, the outgoing Headmaster Mr. Francis Hlorgbe, the Chaplain, School Administration and Students for their support as well. I say bravo and may God reward you bountifully for your selflessness.
we believe this collaboration has set the foundation for greater achievements for our future endeavors
His excellency, I would like to conclude with a word of encouragement to the leadership of SPACO, the new headmaster and his team to take the bull by its horns and endeavor to protect the good work that has been started. We assure them of our commitment to continue supporting the school to regain its lost glory and onwards to become the most preferred senior high school in the Region. Its our prayer that by the 70th anniversary we will only come to party and probably launch the Spaco Sports complex project.
SPACO shall Rise Again.
Thank you and may God bless us all.