A drama “god”-Senanu Gbedawo.

When I entered Spaco in 2003, Senanu Gbedawo aka “Black Arrow” or simply, “Arrow” was one of the popular seniors. Dude likes attention and he was one of the famous seniors with the likes of Ake, OBJ, Michael Akpaloo (then, strict & powerful sacristan and now a catholic priest), Cy-Wonder, Righteous etc were all popular in their respective roles.

Senanu was a very active student and engaged in several extracurricular activities. He was a lector (reads at mass), part of the drama group, red cross group etc. He as well, carved a niche for himself as one of those students from an affluent home. I remember vividly, he was part of the drama troupe under the leadership of Madam Semakor that won an interschools’ drama competition at the regional level (if my memory serves me right).

I recalled a huge “brawl” involving Arrow and a colleague that put the entire student body into a state of uncontrollable frenzy. Infact, it was one of those moments one would feel he is actually in a “tough” boys’ school.

Senanu, completed in 2004 and proceeded to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where he graduated with Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering.

Senanu has always had with him a very superb persona. He was regarded as one of those students with a very good command of the Queen’s language.

I was not taken by surprise to see the engineering graduate starred in Shirley Frimpong Manso a renowned movie producer’s production “Checkmate” some years ago playing one of the lead characters because Arrow demonstrated an innate passion for acting back in secondary school.

Senanu is also known for his roles as ‘Kofi Enchill Jnr.’ In ‘’Peep’’ (TV Series, 2011), as ‘Eric’ in ‘’Adams Apples’’ (Film Series, 2011-2012), as ‘Sam’ in ‘’Trapped’’ (Short film, 2012), and as ‘Gyimah’ in ‘’Potomanto’’ (2013). Gbedawo co-wrote ‘’Potomanto’’ and ‘’V Republic’’ (TV Series-2014-2015). He is also known for ‘’Grey Dawn’’ (2015) and ”Rebecca” (2016) in which he holds credits as 1st and 2nd Assistant Director and Production Coordinator.

I salute Senanu for his endeavors. The Oscars, Emmy, Golden Globes etc will one day welcome you. Keep on keeping and raising high the name of our mother school. Congratulations.

Senanu & Nadia Buari in Checkmate.

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