Somewhere February, 2015 while returning from work, my phone started buzzing with several calls from friends who knew me as a Spacan/Sposa. The remarks I get, answering most of the calls was; “have you heard what was happening in your former school?”. Oh dear me! My school was in the lime light that evening but for the wrong and bad reasons. I quickly tuned into Joy99.7FM to catch a glimps of what transpired and as reported by Ivy Setordzi; a very young physically challenged new student was shot dead by a team of police dispersing rioting students. It was a disgusting news, marred my day and the incident that led to the riot, was more appalling and awful.

Today, I want to use the opportunity to honor the young conqueror who has lived a very short life.

Rakid Akio 17, was offered admission on January 12, 2015, reported to school on Monday, January 19, 2015 and died February 9, 2015.

He met his untimely death in the late hours of Monday February 9 when a stray bullet which the Ghana Police claims was used to dispersed rampaging students hit him.

Rakid Akio’s lifeless body when he was shot.

Rakid, as a conqueror, we believed you have not died but resting peacefully with your maker.

It is our fervent prayer that Almighty Allah will receive our Salat al-Janazah. Peace be unto you Conqueror.

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