Yes! He is a Valedictorian.

Conqueror Daniel Amoako Glah (2010-2013).

Daniel entered the Great Spaco in the year 2010 for the three years program in General Arts studies. He confessed his stay for those years was not rosy yet he learnt very vital lessons which inspired his ambitions in life.

Determination made Daniel gained admission into Ghana’s premier university; University of Ghana, Legon to read Political Science, the study of Religions and Kiswahili. His prowess were very evident for the lectures, course mates as well as JCR members.

A colleague, Julius Sedem Adegbe Tsetse stated on Daniel’s facebook post regarding the graduation: “Knowing Daniel from our Spaco days and his capabilities, I was not surprised by his academic feat because he is an epitome of a conqueror as our motor says: Vince In bono Malum hence he will conquer everywhere.”

A paragraph of his profile in the graduation brochure reads;

“He is one of the best graduating students in the November 2018 graduating class with a Final Grade Point Average of 3.95 having taken a major in Political Science and a minor in the study of Religions.

His greatest ambition in life is to become an astute professor and researcher in the field of international relations. In the next five years Daniel envisages completing his Doctoral studies in International Relations”.

Daniel served as a teaching assistant at the political science department of University of Ghana. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in International Relations and Political Science at Brock University, Canada.

On behalf of the team at, I want to congratulate and celebrate our Conqueror for lifting high the banner of our school.

Long Live Spaco

Hail boys hail.

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